After the past few weeks of not having a decent set of headphones for my iPod, I have finally got a replacement set. And by the way, when I say decent, I mean "working". I even tried to use them with only one of the two headphones working.

Some people will tell you, maybe even Apple Store employees(which I think are useless anyways. Tekserve on 23rd is much better, if you live in NYC), have told you that Apple don't sell the headphones by themselves. Well, consider it all a lie. I was a bit suspicious, and alot happy when I saw an ad for them in the J&R Computer World ad recently, so with a little of my birthday money(cause i'm poor), went down and picked up a pair.

Surprisingly, they seem to be an Apple product. Not just some hack job, where they took the remote/earphone set and sold only the earphones. Believe me, I've tried all the solutions. Not only buying the remote set (sans remote), but also going so far as to buying a fake pair on ebay. I just want my white earphones. I know alot of people think they are crap, and that's fine, but for the money they're fine by me.

One last note. Interestingly enough.. they seem to have been updated/adjusted. Not only are there no little foam buds included in the box, but the shape of the earphone has been streamlined. Even down to taking the little dark grey circle off the outside of the earphone off, that tells you if it is the Left or Right one. Now, it is represented, in a thin font on the inside. The sound it produces is interesting too. I'm having to re-adjust to it. My ears have been so far away these things, for the most part of november. Also, I'm noticing they don't take much to get loud. The iPod is only registering 40-50% and it starts getting a slight loud now. I remember the days when I would enter the subway with 80-90%. I'm too scared to try that now,but give it a few months.

Evening. Justin-6:00pm


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