Quite an interesting day I have had.

My skipping of my 2D design class, went over well. As if it was supposed to go horribly wrong (dead art students bodies laying all along 5th avenue, as I stand at the corner of 13th and 5th with spray mount and a bad bad smile on my face...)? No, the day went well. It was a bit tight on the scheduling, but other than that, it was good.

With a good friend, I went to the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), here in the city. And have come to the conclusion that, as much as I didn't like the Moma before, I now have more reasons to think that its just possibly a waste of commercial property in Manhattan. Maybe it's just a white walled place for hipsters to go, and show off their mind-boggling skills at knowing who made a certain brand thermostat, or who the REAL designer was for the new look of the Mac. I realize that there is a need for all this, and I respect those designers, but please leave the pretentiousness at home, with your 500 dollar Bape sneaks and your fake turtlenecks. Please!

I can't stand pretentious art freaks. I 'm sure I am opinionated at times, and I have moments where I think a piece of art was made by an elephant with a paintbrush, rather than a skilled, thoughtful person.. but c'mon. But, as said, these are just opinions.

But back to the trip to the Moma. We were there, to get photos of certain pieces of art, and write a short essay about the piece for our 3D design course. As we entered one of the painting/sculpture floors and turned the corner, I noticed a large Picasso to the right (“Les Demoiselles d'Avignon” 1907. Oil on canvas 8' x 7' 8" - 243.9 x 233.7 cm). And as much as I've never been a Picasso fan, it's always interesting to see a famous painting up close, with no velvet ropes to hold you back. That's one of the reasons I like the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) in Upper Manhattan. They let you do just about anything you want, short of touching the piece. There's something special, about being able to see the brush strokes of Degas, or all the dabs of paint that made a impressionists field of lilies and grass.

But, back to my Picasso experience.

So, just like I would at any other museum, I went to the right of the painting, and leaned in, to get a glimpse. And from behind me, I hear an “art guard(crazy person)” who decided that I was too close, and thought he should echo across the room, to stop me from my obvious art vandalisation. I know it's his job and maybe I was too close. Who knows. But, as it is hung, it is free to be spat on, free to be peed upon (Warhol would have loved that....). If it's so damn precious, and “untouchable”, make it untouchable.

Night. Justin-12:30am


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